But most importantly….  What matters?

Part I

Yesterday  I attended a talk by Genty Marshall at Life Instyle and what struck the biggest chord with me, was the notion of people wanting to connect with things at a much deeper level.

I see myself and friends alike, drawn towards things that will make a difference. We are interested in where and how something is made? who are the people behind it? what is their story and what do they value? As Genty put it ‘There is a growing fascination behind the makers’.

As seen on the Interiors Addict. A lady in South Africa has trained and brought together other ladies in her community to hand make clay chandeliers helping HIV affected women in South Africa. Through a Melbourne based father and daughter duo the handmade chandeliers have been introduced to the Australian market.

Images courtesy of the Interiors Addict

It’s about community, collaboration, giving back. The people, things and even brands that I remember most are the ones that care.

After attending yesterdays talk I realise that I am part of a growing movement that are not so interested in mass consumerism but more about the experience.

A major part of this movement and global shift is about people wanting to have emotional connections with the places and things that they surround themselves with.

It was only the day before that I had a conversation with a friend about the very same things.

As Genty said ‘there is a huge rise in courses and it is more about the craft. The quest for personal development and a community of like minded people. Its more about doing stuff than buying stuff.’ and I for one can totally connect with that!


Like the guys at Kinfolk, who are hosting events where people can come together, make, create and experience the art of doing, being and sharing.

Images courtesy of Kinfolk. Photography by Luisa Brimble, Lauren Bamford & Parker Fitzgerald.

 It’s not just about helping other communities in developing countries and making a difference, but our own yearning for community and to be a part of one.

 All content and material included is thanks to Genty Marshall, The Interiors Addict and Kinfolk.