When I decided to start this blog, I scoured the internet for useful blogging tools and advice. I found ways of editing photos and creating collages with ipiccy.com

Yet one of the most time consuming things I have found in putting these posts together is looking for the right images. After finding the perfect image I want to make sure that its ok to use it. With so many random sources and pics on line (some without a source) I didnt know where I stood. Lucky for me I found this through Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind (a really inspiring blog may I add) who created this piece of reference with Pia Jane Bijerk (one of my favourite photographer/stylists).

Another great discovery for me is Superprints which I discovered through Mia Linnmans blog whereby you can get your instagram pics printed and sent directly to your door.

Last but not least is Glossi.com a website whereby you can create your own magazine style layouts.. Its so much fun and realy helps you to understand an editorial layout from the many examples that it has. Below is a link to a copy that I made with this post in mind.

Images courtesy of : Erin Loechner, Pia Jane Bijerk, Mia Linnman & Wipaca tumblr