Designing a brand or designing a retail space is essentially about identifying your tribe.

What is the lifestyle? Who are you providing for? and What do they want?

From Fashion, to Food to Products and Services. People want to buy from People and they want to buy from those they trust.

With Images and a few words. Visual references can help to start a conversation and tell that story.

 Found via the retail design blog

 These inspirational, architectural imagery and design, tell a story that celebrates culture and food.

With clear messaging and Big hanging signage the pictures as shown, enhance and suggest the lifestyle of the brand.

The images helps to identify the tribe/the fantasy that people are wanting to buy in to.

The values and what they stand for.

With interesting imagery and a mix of typography, placed up high. The customers sights are taken upwards, elevating the gaze and

psychologically lifting the spirits. The images and type visually guiding people.

Images courtesy of Neil Hill / Watt International

 As Colin and Justin rightly say ‘A retail experience should be escapist, fun and engaging.’

The aim of creating a retail experience, is no longer about a simple transaction for a product but providing an experience.

Creating a connection on an emotional level.

Whether it be collaborating with a designer, an artist or a DJ like at Collette in Paris.

Images courtesy of

We are all interested and intrigued to find something new.  To tell our friends or share the experience.

By delivering something in a new way, we can make the attempt at grasping someones attention for that little bit longer.

The product doesn’t necessarily have to be new but the delivery can be what helps spread the word.

 For instance a lifestyle brand educating customers on how to flip property’s or how to stage a home for selling.

The idea is to create engagement through two way traffic.

Information and suggestions with thanks to Colin & Justin at Life Instyle 2015.