Earlier this year I had the good fortune of working with the beautiful girls at Amber Road Design on Simon Gohs latest venture Chinta Kechil in Double Bay. A Malaysian street eatery.

Amber Road the Interior design and Landscape architecture practice was set up a few years ago by the sisters Yasmine Ghoniem and Katy Svalbe. Over the course of a few months I have worked with them, assisting with research and sourcing, as well as drafting up plans. They are an inspiration to be around, they have a beautiful design aesthetic and they are incredibly humble and lovely, making them a pleasure to work with.

Part of the vision for this project was to create a restaurant that was raw and authentic, an eatery that resembled the old back streets of Malaysia. A place with character. Yet when it came to sourcing the right type of lamp shades nowhere stocked a lamp shade that would fit with the overall vision and aesthetic that they had for the eatery.  So the creative duo embarked on a mission to make their own.

The idea was to create a lantern shape that resembled sky lanterns. So the design duo commissioned me to make a pattern with wire frames and pattern pieces. Varying weights and types of cloth were bought and we started to experiment with dye..

Collage chinta kechil 2

Each any every lantern was then sewn by hand and passed on to Steven Vella (costume designer to Sydney Opera house) who aged each lantern with a special dye technique.

 The results were stunning, here are just some of the photos of the finished project.

 On each and every project Amber road get involved in, they draw in various designers/creators and specialists in their respective fields, making the most of the resources and talent around them. Something I believe makes them a success, working collaboratively and as a team.

What I love most about the girls is that they are not scared to break away from convention and what everyone else is doing.

Resulting in something that is unique, beautiful and full of soul.