My name is Elaine and I moved to Sydney, Australia towards the end of last year to join my partner of 7 years on an adventure of a life time.  Since being in Sydney I have assisted numerous designers with their projects from drawing up 2d & 3d concepts, to sourcing & buying props for commercials, to making lanterns for a Malaysian Eatery in Double bay.

Over the last 15 years I have worked in both the field of Fashion and Interiors, specialising in project management & Interior styling. I have over seen projects from initial design concept to completion. Working with builders, technicians, manufacturers and designers. I understand the design process, working with creatives and the importance of conveying your design ideas to bring them to fruition.

I am by nature a practical thinker and love things being organised. Along with making sure the details add up. Whether this be ensuring a project stays within budget or the correct procedures are implemented for a project to run to time. The success of many projects has come about through this and understanding the market/client, having a good eye for design and collaborating with a great group of people.

Interior Virtual Assistant

Developing Senses came about following a desire and a need to connect. To connect passion with making a living, but also living a life with purpose. As cheesey as it may sound.. I am really passionate about helping small businesses grow, something I hold very close to my heart. I relish working with creatives, being part of a community, helping small independent creative businesses and watching them flourish.

Here you will get a feel for what I do, my design aesthetic and the projects that I have been involved in.

Give me a call on +61 435 768 790

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